An international group with excellent skills, specialised in creating loyal customers powered through cross-media collaboration.



A marketing communication advisory agency specialised in loyalty. Loyalty Makers bring brands to life by creating loyalty and they materialise your requests in a truly unique and exclusive way: both literally and figuratively. The starting point is a clear question which is answered by determining your key objectives and target audience. From campaigns to websites, from filling in brand stores to complete activation using a self-developed platform: iLoyalty.

Loyalty Makers. Where people meet brands.


A consumer platform whom happily share their knowledge on a legendary life. Legendary Your Life develop and produce products and services for i.a. fairs and events. Via shops, either online or pop ups at events, the target audience is approached in a legendary way. The goal is for everyone to experience a truly legendary life.

Legendary Your Life, and that of everybody around you!


The expert when it comes to appreciation. By consciously working with the appropriate deployment of resources they will help to increase the involvement between an organization and their target audience. Resulting in, for example, the extension of employment contracts or the reduction of absenteeism. Thanks to years of experience in loyalty and through cooperation with major national and international partners involved, they know exactly what your partners or employees need to compliment everyone in the right way.

Compliment Makers. Because people need appreciation.


When it comes to omnichannel communication you can rely on the experts at iConneqt. Data-driven through their own developed software and modular expandable tools, they enrich your customer files. Allowing you to respond precisely to the desired areas of interest with the right communication. This is possible using your own e-mail marketing platform and via marketing automation. They offer advice and provide points for improvement within the frame of a complete solution.

iConneqt. Connects whenever, wherever.


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